Society for the
Preservation and Promotion
of Naga Heritage


Basic aims

The aims described before are fulfilled through:

o Co-operation with partners, that select and maintain suitable projects to be promoted in the region and that aim at the preservation or the initiation of programmes designed to either preserve or promote worthwhile cultural aspects within the Naga region.

o Improvement of the medical care, especially in remote regions, without losing sight of existing traditional medical practices.

o Financial and moral support of clearly defined projects aiming at the preservation and promotion of traditional Naga heritage, such as outlined below:

Project ideas

o Exploration and documentation of traditional cultural expressions in the Naga-regions

o Preservation, redevelopment, repair and maintenance of special architectural structures such as bachelors’ dormitories, "rich man’s houses” or chief’s houses and their architectural details such as woodwork, thatch roofing, and interior design and furnishings (log drums, walls and doors embellished by carvings, carved posts, etc.)

o Selection of individuals especially talented in the traditional cultural expressions and their promotion and support, including organisation of sponsors

o Improvement of the living circumstances of individuals already engaged in the traditional cultural expressions and support of professional training in this regard in the Naga regions

o Assistance in the establishment of small-scale industries on cottage industry level, in which traditional cultural techniques are practised and passed on to interested individuals; assistance in marketing products which have been manufactured traditionally and which go beyond the people’s own necessities

o Actions aiming at the preservation and promotion of traditional Naga musical and linguistic heritage such as recording, archiving, documentation and disposal at suitable places in the Naga-regions as well as assistance in organising cultural groups’ performances abroad

o Compilation of a comprehensive data base on Naga culture and other facets of Naga life that would collate past, present and future research under one central venue.

o Information to the public about the traditional Naga-heritage and the problems of its preservation.

First concrete projects of the SPNH:

CD "Naga – Songs from the Mist"

Collection of financial means to support the production of a CD of Naga music recorded by Dr. Aglaja Stirn and Peter van Ham, which is intended to be distributed worldwide by the world’s largest institution for natural history, the renowned Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.. Herewith it is intended to diffuse the knowledge about the culture of the Naga to a wider audience, and to find more donors, members and patrons for the goals of the SPNH. By contract with the Smithsonian it is agreed, that all income of the CD will flow back to the SPNH which will again use it directly for projects in the Naga cultural realm. The CD was released in 2004 in co-operation with the Stirn-van Ham Archives, Frankfurt. IT IS AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS SITE! PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL!

Identification of projects for future research in the Naga region

In order to continue and amplify research already commenced and documented by Aglaja Stirn, Peter van Ham and others in those regions which have for long been virtually inaccessible for collection of data, a viable programme needs to be established. The society intends to promote a partnership with the Naga themselves in order to achieve this end. As a first step, it is intended to approach companies in the media sector to donate basic camera equipment, film, recording apparatus and any other appropriate media to commence a record of cultural heritage before it is lost. The issue and control of such equipment will be monitored by an approved body within the Naga regions. In addition, the society will accept sub-missions from other parties inclusive of written, visual and sound documentation for their approval and support. In 2004 and 2005 two successful field-trips were undertaken in this regard. More trips are under planning.

Assistance in organisation and execution of exhibitions about Northeast-Indian culture

So far a successful exhibition on the Naga was organised at the Museum der Weltkulturen, Frankfurt, between March and September 2004 (12.000 visitors). The SPNH currently is involved in two further exhibition projects: "HIMALAYA: Peoples, Arts and Adornments in Arunachal Pradesh" (Dresden/Leipzig/New York 2006/2007) and a major exhibition on the Naga at the ethnological museums of Berlin, Basel and Munich scheduled for 2007/2008. From April 1st, 2007 on, the SPNH is present at the Naga-exhibition of the Harrer Collection at the Heinrich-Harrer-Museum, Huettenberg/Kaernten in Austria. The exhibition will be shown till 31st of October, 2007, with the option of being extended by another full year.

Set of Picture Postcards-

18 different motifs depicting people from the cultural realm of the Naga are available as picture postcards. All income gained from sales will go to the SPNH for the support of further projects. Please click on the link to the left!

CD HIMALAYA – Songs from the Heights

Collection of financial means to support the production of a CD of traditional music from Arunachal Pradesh (Eastern Himalayas / Northeast-India), where Naga-groups are also living (Nocte, Tutsa, Wancho). The CD shall be released as part of the book "HIMALAYA - Peoples, Arts and Adornments in Arunachal Pradesh" by Peter van Ham and Aglaja Stirn (release date fall 2006) and thus a worldwide audience of interested people shall learn more about the aims of the SPNH.